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bunkers delivery restaurant
bunker's restaurant

Creative, fresh, 100% product respectful cuisine

Yacht service Delivers

More than 10 years of home-delivery service

If you don’t suck your fingers then is not bunker’s

(but first remember to wash your hands)

Tired of preparing food every day?


Don t worry, our food delivery service with specialized menus for your needs and tastes is the solution.

Running out of ideas what to cook? Missing the visit of a beautiful restaurant with surprising dishes you would not prepare at home? We are your solution! With 10 years of experience in creating high quality and healthy food we now deliver contactless the joy of a dinner or lunch menu in restaurant quality to you.

We will surprise you every week with new and creative menus to make your life in this difficult situation as much beautiful as possible.

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How it works


We will post the menu for the upcoming week. If you would like to provide input on which items are included in your meal, send us an email via the contact us link on our website or call us at +34 676 09 17 11


Meal prep delivery across Mallorca. Freshly made by expert chef using only the highest quality produce.


From our kitchen to your home. Without having to go grocery shopping, cook or clean anymore, you'll have that time to spend on yourself. Bon Appetit!