Pizza alla pala romana

Fantastic moment. Try to imagine to grab a bite of food and instantly get 30 years back in time. Then your mind is a mix of memories and emotions. Well, this is it.    

Home made sourdough bread

And nothing, this story of the bread is getting out of control . My first open crumb whole grain bread with natural yeast. I think is great. Do you dare to try? So, ask fot it!  


I started to make gnocchi when i was 8 years old with my granmother. Since then i’ve never stop it because it means a lot to me, my roots my family and my future too. This time i made the classic version to eat with duck ragu’ and cherries. I’m ready to eat it!    

Nothing but food

The secret ingredient is always love ;-)  


Prepare our bread and focaccia makes us so proud. The work is a lot but the results we belive are magnificents.

Spaghetti alla chitarra

People never die until they live in somebody else’s heart.