I started to make gnocchi when i was 8 years old with my granmother. Since then i’ve never stop it because it means a lot to me, my roots my family and my future too. This time i made the classic version to eat with duck ragu’ and cherries. I’m ready to eat it!    

Nothing but food

The secret ingredient is always love ;-)  


Prepare our bread and focaccia makes us so proud. The work is a lot but the results we belive are magnificents.

Spaghetti alla chitarra

People never die until they live in somebody else’s heart.

Very happy to be on Condé Nast traveller! Hard work always gives satisfactions. Thanks to my wonderfull team and thanks to Condé Nast Traveller!    

Personal Chef is just that: personal

My first dish of this new proyect named #hireachef in palma de mallorca by @bunkers_restaurant. An intimate elegant marriage on the roof top of the boutique hotel calatrava.          

Constantly changing and redefining dishes

Always thinking about new dishes, new combinations of flavours,combining italian roots with some of the best spanish products. For us, spot on! Iberic chicks with cannonau wine, green cheakpeas hummus challote and figs  Muuuuy bueno