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We are back

  WE ARE BACK!!! Come and try our new menu  you will be surprised!       

Pizza alla pala romana

Fantastic moment. Try to imagine to grab a bite of food and instantly get 30 years back in time. Then your mind is a mix of memories and emotions. Well, this is it.    

Home made sourdough bread

And nothing, this story of the bread is getting out of control . My first open crumb whole grain bread with natural yeast. I think is great. Do you dare to try? So, ask fot it!  

New Year’s Eve 2019 at Bunker's

New Year’s Eve 2019 is finally here and it is time to decide where we can celebrate this great event. Bunker's restaurant in Palma downtown wants you to have an unforgettable night and, therefore, it invites you to enjoy our…

Book your company dinner 2018

This year we want to drive you around the world with pur suggestions menu. The first one is called let’s stay home, that means mediterranean cusine, simple but not less flavory. The second one is five continents that is a…
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